SPECTRUM OF DELUSION: The Netherlands-based Technical/Progressive Death Metal Outfit Launch Early Neoconception Full Stream.

This Friday, September 11th, Spectrum of Delusion will finally release their highly anticipated sophomore album, Neoconception, through The Artisan Era. 

Active since 2013, the Katwijk, the Netherlands-based group, has been laboring intensely on the creation of Neoconception for the last four years. The end result not only outshines their lauded debut album, Esoteric Entity, it also shows Spectrum of Delusion fully coming into their own musically and as songwriters.

Neoconception improbably yet sublimely merges the cerebral, often groovy, and prominent fretless bass centered stylings of groups like Beyond Creation with a dark, chaotic, bombastic, and brutal focus that calls to mind groups such as Spawn of Possession, Blotted Science, The Faceless, and Defeated Sanity.

The band partnered with Metal Injection today to launch a full early stream of Neoconception ahead of its release this Friday via The Artisan Era. 

*You can listen to Spectrum of Delusion – Neoconception HERE